Zombie mode


No matter if you prefer playing alone or in a team, your main goal in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Zombie mode is to survive and kill those who are against you. Excellent shooting skills may save your life more than once, especially if you will learn doing headshots with one try from the different types of available weapons. After landing, you are to grab the nearest weapon and run into a secluded place. Your main task at this point is to collect as many bullets as possible. Note that all ammos in Battlegrounds are of different caliber for various guns.

You can shoot in Battlegrounds in two ways. The first one is to hold the right mouse button for 2 seconds, at this point the game will display a normal aim for a short range shooting. The second way is one-click for the right mouth button. This is good for shooting at the range over 100 meters. If you picked up a rifle, and it still does not have an optical aim, then you will see non with it. Do not worry, finding an aim attachment for your sniper rifles in PUBG will not be difficult, since they spawn on the map quite frequently, and you can also find one after looting the dead body of your opponent. Shift is also a very important key. When it is pressed, a player turns into a sniper and holds his breath to minimize the trembling of hands while shooting. Very accurate detail. AKM and assault rifles are good for shooting, but nothing can be a crossbow for the long range shots. Crossbow is a really non-standard melee weapon in PUBG. It practically doesn’t produce any noises even if compared to a sniper rifle and allows you killing an enemy with one accurate hit. The main task for the fans of a crossbow in Battlegrounds is to find a laser aim attachment to shoot the opponents at medium and long ranges. Otherwise, use grenades to make a noisy and noticeable entrance or to knock the enemies senseless.


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