PUBG Mobile


Are you afraid of challenges or ready to take one when you see it? Do you want to find out what you’re worth? PUBG gives you such an opportunity! Face 100 opponents from all over the world, with a real person, just like you, controlling each of them, and try to take them all out on a deserted island in the middle of the sea where nobody will save you except yourself! Once you land, look across the surroundings – you are surely going to find a lot of helpful stuff you can use to increase your chances for victory. That includes various kinds of weapons, from melee varieties to fire guns and bombs, ammunition and supplies and even vehicles you can drive across and haunt your foes that are still on foot. The zone of action will be continuously diminishing and the action will grow ever hotter. You won’t be able to relax even for a second! Astonishing video and audio effects, high-resolution graphics worked out down to the last detail and realistic mechanics guarantee 100% involvement in the gameplay! Team up with your friends, devise a perfect strategy for eliminating your opponents and coordinate your moves to become the winner of this adrenaline-packed multiplayer! This is something you can’t miss!


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