PUBG 2017 update


PUBG with new update is not the easiest game for newbies. There is a high chance you will be killed the next second you land for the first time. It is okay – the more experienced players already know every millimeter of the only map in PUBG. Surely, Battlegrounds is not that challenging as ArmA, but still there are some tips that you need to know before you start walking this dangerous location where the death waits around each corner…literally.

As soon as you land, immediately press Ctrl + T to turn off the voice chat. Don’t give an advantage to other players or teams and don’t cheat – you will ruin the game’s fun. After landing you can choose between the third and the first person perspective of view at any time (press V). Choose the third person view even while you are flying. In such way, you will get an advantage – watch where the other players will land. While learning to play, landing in big cities can help you win the first matches, because usually there are a lot of people in the biggest city, so killing them will let you earn good money for opening loot cases. Always close the door behind you – if someone enters you will hear them and the closed door may confuse other players because all doors in buildings are closed by default. And most importantly – never open the parachute by yourself, it opens automatically at the certain distance before landing!


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