Solving some problems with the lagging graphics parameters and enjoying the stable frames per second (FPS) in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is not a myth, but the reality that you can easily achieve. Do not be afraid to optimize the PUBG settings, but always back up the default settings. Each PC needs the different parameters because they game still lags, especially when it comes to graphics and stability of FPS. As you know, stable 60 FPS is essential for shooters. And it is bad if your opponents will be able to kill you just because of this advantage. That is why consider increasing your FPS at least twice before starting to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, especially if your shooting skills are far from perfection.

The first thing you should change is your PUBG’s graphic parameters. Very low settings should be checked for post-processing, shadows, effects, foliage parameters. Yes, the picture will look dull and more textures will look uglier but fps will freeze at the mark of 55-60 – this is the best for accurate shooting. You can also do your magic with visibility range and textures by finding the best combination, according to your PC’s settings. Also, you can minimize the parameters of HDR, use anti-aliasing for the game’s shaders, tune the contrast and sharpness of the picture. The developers promise improving the Unreal Engine 4 parameters for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with the following updates to let gamers tune up the graphics settings as they want to stabilize frames per second and play on weak PCs without lags.


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