More than 10.000.000 million of players all over the world downloaded PUBG on Steam. The game is also expecting its release on two more gaming platforms – Xbox and PlayStation. YouTube is stuffed with guides, tips and letsplay videos dedeicated to PUBG. The infamous “frying pan” meme is still in hot trends. What is so good about PUBG that makes even hardcore Dota and Overwatch gamers play it for hours? There are a few unique mechanics in PUBG – Steam users mention them constantly in their reviews.

The first thing that everybody likes is variable loot options. It can be divided into 3 categories. There are clothes, not your armor, that are mostly used for customization purposes only (not including the sniper’s camouflage). The second category is armor – it includes body armor, helmets, and a backpack for carrying more loot and ammo. Each item in this category has 3 parameters (levels) – the higher this level, the better protection you have from direct shots. Helmets can be specifically endurable – if you wear a gear of the highest level, you can even survive the headshot. The third category of loot in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is aid kits and ammos. Each item also has a unique set of sounds that are very realistic.

It is also worth mentioning the healing system in a few more details. In addition to the standard first-aid kits (there are large and small ones – they replenish the certain amount of health points). Also, you can find energy drinks and painkillers. Their use is required to make the endurance parameter full. Having full endurance will let you move a bit faster with the health regeneration for a limited time period. This can be very useful for the last seconds of the match, where each shot can decide who will eventually survive. Instant matchmaking is also a great advantage for the games of this genre. PUBG finds 99 players for 2-3 seconds and you start playing without delays. You just launch the game and enjoy playing along or with friends!


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