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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is well-known for its awesome gaming modes. This multiplayer allows playing solo against everyone else or be the part of a team (with a single partner or a few friends). Solo mode is officially called Free for All (FFA for short). Basically, this is a classic survival mode. If you have played H1Z1 or DayZ, you know the catch of this mode. The task is intuitive – gather the loot and survive as long as possible. Rely only on your own skills and make up new tactics to be the winner of all matches.

The next modes presume playing along with friends. Duo mode is for 2 players only. You can play with your friend online or just wait for a random match to beat the other teams with a complete stranger covering your back. The duo wins if at least one player survives till the end. If you want to create a team choose the Squad mode – up to 4 players per team. The same rules as for Duo.

Also, there are promised 2 new mode where 5 players could player versus another team of 5 members. Those players who will want to challenge themselves should try War mode. You will be able to play alone but the time is limited with 50 minutes for survival. After the end of the timer bombs will start to drop.


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